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We have a brand new location.

Our practice has now relocated to our beautiful new office to 11779 Hwy 2; right across the parking lot from Ms. Mechanic and Bavarian Village Veterinarian. Our phone number remains the same.

Our new office has more space, natural light from large windows in each treatment room, and warm colors and distinctive décor throughout. We now have expanded parking, and a new elevator making us more accessible to all our patients. If you have specific questions or concerns about our new location, please call us and we will be happy to help you.

New Things in Dentistry that we are now using.

1. Isolite-an isolation system that helps patients open, keeps the tongue out of the way and has suction and a light. It also has a built in bite block, for the patient to rest their teeth on. It helps complete procedures, such as fillings, sealants and crown preparations in a shorter amount of time. This has taken the place of the rubber dams, and patients are finding it much more comfortable.

2. Implants –Although not new, it’s more and more mainstream. It provides some great alternatives to previous treatment.

3. Lava Crowns – This is zirconium core material .It is much stronger than the all porcelain crowns. They also appear to have a more natural appearance to them . We love working with them and are very excited in providing them for our patients.

4. In keeping up with Federal Healthcare Communications, our office is now chartless.

Updated: Tuesday, September 13, 2011


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