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As a general dentist Dr.O’Brien provides a variety of services. Patients requiring complex care are referred to specialists in Wenatchee and other areas.  

Preventive and diagnostic

Ø       X-rays

Ø       Examinations

Ø       Oral pathology

Ø       Cleanings

Ø       Sealants

Ø       Nutritional and tobacco counseling


Ø       Amalgam (silver) fillings

Ø       Composite (tooth colored) fillings

Ø       Crowns, porcelain and gold

Ø       Porcelain veneers

Ø       Bridges



 Ø       Root canals 


Ø       Scaling and root planing

Ø       Periodontal maintenance

Ø      Placement of subgingival medications 


Ø       Dentures

Ø       Partials

Ø       Repairs

Ø       Relines

Ø       Adjustments 


Oral Surgery

Ø       Extractions

Ø       Tissue or lesion excision 

Miscellaneous services

Ø       Nitrous Oxide

Ø       Occlusal guards and athletic mouthguards

Ø       Teeth whitening

Ø       Snoreguard

Ø       Medicaments for home use

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